Bangalore based reputed manufacturer , supplier and service provider of a wide selection of excellent quality power & distribution transformers, air- cooled transformers, furnace transformers, etc...!!!

We are highly established company engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting the highest quality Transformer, which is very important electrical machinery. While designing, manufacturing, testing and commissioning of these Transformer, we give utmost care to ensure complete satisfaction of the clients. Our range power distribution Transformers helps in converting low voltage into high voltage or visa-versa and accordingly the transformer is termed step - up or step-down. All Transformers manufactured by us work on the principle of electro-magnetic induction. In order to maintain our established quality trademark, we use refined raw materials and other kinds of modern machines.

Transformer Core

Every transformer has a core, which is surrounded by windings. The core is from special cold rolled grain oriented silicon sheet steel laminations. The thickness of the laminations usually varies from 0.27 to 0.35 mm.

There are tow types of transformer core construction- core type and shell type. In core type transformers, the windings are wound around the core, while in shell type transformers, the core is constructed around the windings. The shell type transformers provide a low reactance path for the magnetic flux, while the core type transformer has a high leakage flux and hence higher reactance.

Transformer Windings

The primary and secondary windings in a core type transformer are of the concentric type only. And in case of shell type transformer, these could be of sand-witched type. The concentric windings are normally constructed in any of the following types depending on the size and application of the transformer:
- Cross over type
- Helical type
- Continuous disc type

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