Transformers & Accessories

Bangalore based reputed manufacturer , supplier and service provider of a wide selection of excellent quality power & distribution transformers, air- cooled transformers, furnace transformers, etc...!!!

We are highly established company engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting the highest quality Transformer, which is very important electrical machinery. While designing, manufacturing, testing and commissioning of these Transformer, we give utmost care to ensure complete satisfaction of the clients. Our range power distribution Transformers helps in converting low voltage into high voltage or visa-versa and accordingly the transformer is termed step - up or step-down. All Transformers manufactured by us work on the principle of electro-magnetic induction. In order to maintain our established quality trademark, we use refined raw materials and other kinds of modern machines.

On Load Tap Changer
- Two Earthing Terminals
- Lifting Lugs
- Drain - Cum Filter Valve
- Pressure Relief Device
- Silicagel Dehydrating Breather
- Oil Level Indicator
- Thermometer Pocket
- Conservator With Drain Plug And Filling Hole
- Air Release Plug
- Jacking Lugs (Above 1600 KVA)
- Filter Valve (Top Tank)
- Under Base Unidirectional Flat Rollers
Optional Fittings:
We offer optional fittings at an additional cost, if customer specifically orders them.
- Winding Temperature Indicator
- Oil Temperature Indicator
- Gas and Oil Actuated (Buchholz) Relay
- Conservator Drain Valve
- Shut Off Valve between Conservator & Tank
- Magnetic Oil Level Gauge
- Explosion Vent
- Filter Valve (Bottom of Tank)
- Skid Under Base with Haulage Holes
- Junction Box
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